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Replica Rolex MILGAUSS – Appreciation on the 3131 Movement

14The 3131 type movement – top chronometer

The MILGAUSS watch features entirely by Rolex developed type automatic movement 3131. Like all perpetual movement of the Rolex as well as the type of movement 3131 also won the Swiss official accreditation chronometer certification issued, the certification specifically awarded to success by Swiss chronometer Testing Center (COSC) detection precision watches. The tectonic movement with all the same style of the Rolex oyster movement has incomparable reliability. In addition, it also uses cutting-edge technology Rolex patents, ensures the swiss replica rolex can not be interfered by magnetic field. The new machine is also equipped with a nickel phosphorus alloy made of paramagnetic escapement wheel, which use the Rolex innovative research of complex technology UV-LiGA (Ultra-Violet lithographie Galvano-Abformung, a production of micro components electroforming process).

The Rolex oyster perpetual watch MILGAUSS is of equipped with the parts created by the Rolex, by the unique alloy made of patent blue PARACHROM hairspring balance swing component is an important part of a rolex replica swiss on. The gossamer completely unaffected by the magnetic field interference, under the temperature change is still very stable, seismic force than traditional hairspring up 10 times. At the same time, the watch is with the Breguet type at the end of the gossamer ring, to strengthen the hairspring in swing of the isochronous. The balance of the swing component is equipped with stable balance wheel, the gold MICROSTELLA highly accurate fine adjustment screwing to adjust the inertial oscillation cycle. The balance of the wheel by height adjustable parallel bridge firmly support is to enhance the seismic capacity.

The type movement3131 is equipped with automatic Rolex perpetual pendulum chain, by wearing wrist swing, so as to meet the transfer of an endless supply of power, continues to drive winding chain. Only Rolex’s watch maker can have a chance to see the MILGAUSS movement. The movement is extremely delicate and perfect polishing and process, reflects the Rolex in the quality of meticulous, the spirit of excellence.